07561 232867


Sunday & Monday:         Closed
Tuesday - Saturday:     12am - 3pm
                                  5pm - 9pm
Many thanks for your support during these very testing times it is much appreciated by Roberto and all the staff.
We wish you all to keep healthy and happy and hopefully welcome you back to the restaurant in the not too distant future.


Address:    2 The Street, 
                East Preston
                BN16 1JJ

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Welcome to Ristorante Al Mare



We are currently offering a HOME DELIVERY SERVICE with a small selection of our favourite pastas and pizzas.
All freshly cooked and made to order
PLEASE CALL 07561 232867

12" PIZZAS all with tomato & mozzarella cheese


MARGHERITA Oregano & Basil               £8,50

HAWAINA Ham & Pineapple                   £9.50

PEPPERONI sausage                               £9.50

VEGETARIANA seasonal veg (V)            £9.50

PRAWNS chilli & garlic                           £9.95


BEEF LASAGNE                                     £9.50

VEGETARIAN LASAGNE (v)                  £8.80

SPAGHETTI CARBONARA                     £9.00

SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE                     £9.00

SPAGHETTI SEAFOOD                         £9.90


GARLIC BREAD                                    £4.10

ROSEMARY BREAD                              £4.10

CALAMARI (squid)                              £5.50


Delivery is FREE within a 3 mile radius of East Preston

 £1 per mile thereinafter

Please specify if you have any allergies when ordering.

On delivery the driver will either knock on your door or ring your doorbell then step back 2 meters and wait until you have collected your package. The driver will be wearing hygiene gloves.

All payments will be taken over the phone and we accept all major credit and debit cards